Creating Unique Experiences through

Architectural design

We’ve been creating unique and functional designs benefiting our community for over 30 years!

Restaurant Design

Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Diners, and College food-service facilities.


Renovations & Building Code/ADA upgrades to the Reading School District’s Facilities.


We’ve designed offices and manufacturing facilities for national companies such as United Technologies.


Single-family custom designs, and variations of typical models for developments, individual and apartment townhouses and much more.


We create plans for 400-seated church to 120,000 square foot complex with Gymnasium, indoor soccer field, Senior Center, and more!


We would love it if you checked out some of past projects that we’ve designed.


Who We ARe

Specializing in the food service industry, Louis Masciotti Architect and Associates provides architectural design services for the restaurant industry in Pennsylvania. We are proud to have our NCARB certificate which helps in the continuity of architectural education. Masciotti has also worked with local families on residential design projects for single and multi-family homes, transforming additions and existing spaces, giving new life that fits your family!

Louis Masiotti Architect has been providing high-quality architectural design services for Northeast & Central Pennsylvania for over 30 years!

Are you looking to design the perfect restaurant, home, or commercial space? For new construction or adaptive reuse of existing structures, we design a perfect unique space for your patrons or family.

We Create Happy